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Nothing provides more peace of mind than knowing that your business has the protection of a well-designed security system. Root Port works with you to design a security system that protects your business. We ensure that every possible entry point has coverage with the most appropriate device, whether that is a biometric or card key access control system for doors, CCTV or IP cameras to monitor any vulnerable areas.

You shouldn’t rely on a big box store to make security recommendations, and local installation companies owe their allegiance to the companies whose products they distribute. Neither choice will provide you with the assurance that your security system design is set up specifically to protect your premises, rather than standard system templates provided by the manufacturers and installed by people with no true understanding of security.

Root Port partners with security experts. With their expertise, we assess your entire facility to identify any weak points and make sure that the security system we recommend provides the right coverage. When we design your security system, you know that you have the best possible set up to protect you from unauthorized access, fire, theft or employee pilferage. Whatever your security concerns, we take them seriously and include them in your unique security system design. We oversee the installations, and work with you and your team to train and observe until you are comfortable using the system. We won’t rest until we are sure that our security system design completely protects your business and your premises. Call Root Port today to find out how we can help ensure your facility is completely protected with a customized security system design.

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