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Published November 2, 2017

Trello: Project Management and Team Communication Made Easy

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Let’s face it; the world is only becoming more mobile. Teams are communicating across town, across the nation, or even across the globe. As team dynamics are changing so is the way people are doing work. Collaboration no longer means getting the entire team together for a live meeting, or scheduling a one-sided conference call. People now have the ability to work and communicate virtually, with real time updates, and even technology integrations: Enter Trello, a tool that is leading the charge in modern day communication and project management.

Trello is Workflow

Using a series of “Board”, “Lists”, and “Cards”, the workflow is in the hand of the board administrator. Trello’s layout and design follows a vertical and horizontal project structure. Task can be listed moving down the page, and lists span across the page horizontally. Through simple drag and drop features, tasks can move through a pipeline, down a list, or restructured in a matter of seconds.

Trello is Project Management

Through labels, checklists, and due dates, each Trello card can be developed based on the scope of the project. If you have a series of tasks that need to be accomplished, use a checklist and track the progress as a whole from glancing through the board. Battling with strict deadlines? Assigned due dates will turn yellow as a date approaches, followed by red if a deadline has been missed.  Further organization can be shown through color-coated labels that can identify progress, team responsibility, or halted projects.

Trello is Team Communication

Trello uses a feed system that makes communication and collaboration a breeze. Within each card, an ongoing feed keeps the conversation on topic, brief, and transparent. Using an “@” symbol followed by a collaborator’s handle will alert the correspondent that there is new activity pertaining to them on the card. Invite specific team members, clients, or collaborators to an entire board, or even just a single card.

Trello is Integration

With Trello Gold, integration to some of the most powerful tools on the market seamlessly sync with your Trello board. From gant charts, custom calendar views, time tracking, video conferencing options, and file integration, Trello becomes more than a tool, it becomes the system itself.

Trello is Mobile

Truly cross platform, Trello is a web API, desktop application, and mobile friendly app. Push notifications keep lines of communication open at all times, and teams can update on the go, and pick back up project from any technology platform.