Handling the Growing Security Threats - Root Port IT Solutions
Published September 28, 2017

Handling the Growing Security Threats

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There is universal agreement among security experts that the number, the sophistication, and the intensity of cyber-attacks against computer systems is currently growing and will continue to grow. That means the only sensible approach for small businesses to mitigating the growing security threats is to try to stay one step ahead of the game, and do everything possible to protect business data assets and websites from penetration by the criminal-minded.

What small businesses can do to defend themselves

First and foremost, every small business owner should stay abreast of any security threats or developments in their own industry as well as related industries. Any business using software that is fairly popular should assume that it is, or will be a target of attack, since hackers routinely go after the most used software programs and systems. Make yourself aware of any successful attacks on business software that your company uses, and take immediate action if you should find you are at risk.

The multi-layered approach to security

The best approach to trying to keep your system secure from the sophisticated strategies of cyber criminals is to employ several layers of security which are relatively independent of each other. If one security system fails, another may be successful in preventing access, and when vulnerabilities are discovered, steps can then be taken to plug the security holes.

Before any of the more sophisticated approaches to security are implemented, make sure that you have the basics in place and fully functional, protecting your network around the clock. This means you should be using a reputable, comprehensive antivirus software program which is up-to-date and provides protection against all the known viruses floating around the Internet.

As a follow-up to that, make sure you have all the latest patches installed for your software programs, because new viruses and new malware appear daily, and in order to stay abreast of those developments, you’ll need all protective patches developed to counteract those cyber-attacks. Then too, you should have the best possible web protection for your website, since it’s the most obvious access point to your business data.

Partnering with IT pros

One approach which adds a layer of security to your network is to partner with IT experts who can provide the kind of business services which are of most value to your company, and can be constantly monitored by them. For instance, most companies would benefit greatly by the use of video surveillance, Microsoft Office 365, web development, cost-effective technology solutions, and generic computer consulting services. If you can find a one-stop IT shop like Root Port IT Solutions, which offers these and other value-added services to clients, you can have your cake and eat it too, in a sense.

The services themselves are invaluable to small businesses, and then having the certainty of protected service on top of that, can provide at least some peace of mind in an environment where there is precious little to be had.



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