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Published February 9, 2017

Building a Solid Network Infrastructure

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From the very start, a solid amount of time and money should be invested in the network infrastructure of any business. This ensures that a failed infrastructure doesn’t bring a loss of productivity further down the line. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when building your business network infrastructure.

Outline Your Plan

Before actually getting started, it’s best to have a detailed list of the specific business network infrastructure requirements, along with comprehensive solutions on how to meet these requirements. The goal should be to locate cost-effective technology solutions that provide the services required.

Choose Reliable Antivirus and Anti-Malware Software

Ensure that all company computers and servers are equipped with antivirus and anti-malware software. When building a network infrastructure, it’s important to be proactive and prevent hacks from occurring from the very start. If you’re concerned about security, video surveillance is also an option.

Test and Retest Readiness

All network and infrastructure that may be affected by the development should be repeatedly tested for readiness. Thorough computer consulting, through analyzing system configuration, monitoring, and upgrading, should be completed.

Find the Right Server/User Ratio

Servers become necessary in order to maintain network speed and to act as storage. They are necessary when any more than three computers are accessing the same network. Usually, it is recommended to have at least one server per ten users.

Assemble Parts as Needed

Configure all devices and assemble all other components as they become ready, in order to save time later on. This includes installing and testing any necessary programs, such as Microsoft Office 365 and any applicable Google Apps for Work.

Establish ID and Password Processes

Only very strong passwords should be used when building a network infrastructure for a business. For security reasons, all new pieces of hardware should result in the renaming of the local administration ID. In addition, password changes should be regularly enforced company-wide.

Install Without Any Setbacks

Before implementing the installation, double-check that the equipment is completely ready in order to prevent any setbacks. This includes everything from large components, like ensuring that the Web App Development is complete, and small details, like checking that all necessary cables are connected and in the correct place.

Determine the Appropriate Infrastructure Size

A small business and a large business have very different infrastructure needs. For some small businesses, a single person may be enough to serve as a one-stop IT shop, yet this is not feasible as the company grows.

Prepare for the Worst

In case there is a power outage, establish a reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply. This ensures that systems will have time to shut down correctly if there is a power failure.

Review Your Work

Review the performance of the new installation periodically, it is recommended the first, formal review be conducted within three to six months. This review should include a comparison between the initial plan and the actual outcome, as well as administering any necessary improvements.


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